OP-1 Price !?

Did they just sneakily raise the price another 100$ or was it always 999$ ?

Secondhand is more nowadays

that may be…but did they raise it?

Probably. Everything gets more expensive when a new year begins.
I got mine for 799€ but that was 5 years ago i think.

I’ll wait until a revised version comes out and see how many complaints are online before I buy again :slight_smile:

Originally is was $850 new. I got mine used for $650.

On one hand, they added a lot of features since then. So technically it is more valuable.

On the other hand, $1000 is a bit much. I contemplated replacing mine wit a new unit, but $1K is just too expensive for a stunt like that.

Its been that price for a couple years now if i recall, not that it matters right now since you can’t even buy them new