OP-1 Purchasing question

Greetings to everyone on this fantastic forum!

I decided to buy my first OP-1.
And my question is: i read several horror stories about QC problems on new OP-1 revision, so i need an advice: is it worth to buy it brand new overseas (approx 800USD) or used (approx 600USD) locally here, in Russia?

I can personally test the used one (but, obviously, it will have some tear and wear on battery, encoders and etc), but brand new is also kind of roulette, because it could have some potential problems or even wouldn’t turn on (as i read in some posts). This means, i will have lot of troubles, (including financial) sending it to TE headquarter.

Purchasing brand new unit locally is really pricey, so its not an option at all.

I need your advice as experienced OP-1 owners, what should i do?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been owning mine since five years now - no issues with the encoders and the battery still lasts very long, if not more than 10 hours, or even 16… I’ve been using it really a lot. I think most people that sell theirs haven’t been using it so much. Otherwise they would keep it. You probably have to change the I/Of board in the future, but it only costs about € 50, - and you can easily replace it on your own.

thanks for your advice, Mixrasta!

its very helpful )

Yes I’d agree 2nd hand is Ok.The op-1 is built well. 1st hand should be Ok but 2nd hand- they’ve tested it for you.
I’ve done both brand new and 2nd hand.
Initial problems on the new ironed themselves out.2nd hand is a bit temperamental when rebooting after deleting files,but I’m less precious out side,on the go with it coz I saved 30% on the price.

many thanks for your advises!