OP-1 - Recording Nudge after.

Hey, quick question. im trying to record parts onto tape and im having a tough time getting the timing down. i imagine with practice ill get it, but its taking a long time. I was wondering if after having recorded onto tape if i can select and nudge a recorded clip back and forth to align it abit better?.

the only thing i have found is cutting before the note i want to reposition, cut after… lift it… move down the timeline and then drop it. but for each section. not ideal. but doable.

any easier way?.


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You can use the sequencer to be right on time.

I’m not at my OP-1, but I think you can use the blue or green encoder to move the tape “under” the recording. This effectively nudges it. I’ll check it later, if nobody else knows.

ya one of the knobs def nudges the selected tape track back and forth

its shift+blue to slide a take

Thanks so much!