OP-1 recording with vocals - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"

Hey guys, for people curious about using the op-1 for vocals, here’s a vocal centric recording. In fact it’s entirely acapella. It’s a cover of “will the circle be unbroken” from bioshock infinite.

Finally got around to seeing how the op-1 handled vocal tracking with the help of a preamp (ART) and a so-so mic. Pretty happy with how it turned out, could probably sound even better if we’d used a real mic. Bit of reverb added post-production on the computer, but that’s pretty much it.

Hope you like it, feedback welcome!


If you’re curious there are other OP-1 tracks on my soundcloud page (see portable sound worlds playlist)



PS did that work? how do I embed soundcloud tracks here?


sky operated beauty

Lovely :slight_smile:

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Curious to hear other people doing acoustic/vocal stuff on the op-1. It’s so fun, it can act like a modern incarnation of a portastudio…

Wow, for some reason I didn’t expect something so gorgeous coming out of the OP-1, great job!