OP-1 release notes say "sync to external midi clock now directly drives sequencers"

Can someone please tell me what this means?

Many thanks!

There’s a tempo setting that’s drives the step sequencers.
This can be linked to tape speed, or (after a certain update) it can now be controlled by an external sequencer. A piece of gear that kicks out midi clock.
So if I have a drum machine or a computer doing a beat, the OP 1 sequencers will be locked tight with it in tempo. It must be connected by usb midi.
Press the tempo button and turn Green knob iirc.

@Spheric_El, many thanks for the reply. I probably should have phrased my question differently. I am aware of how the sync works.

I guess I was just wondering what they meant by this. I thought before the last update the sequencers were synced to the clock, so that is why I was confused.

In any event, I do not think OP-1 actually uses the clock it receives, and I just made a thread explaining all that.


Oh sorry about that. Didn’t mean to patronise :slight_smile:
I was guessing it was referring to an update setting the tempo from external.

Hey, it means the sequencer is starting with the incoming midi clock, not just manually.