OP-1 revision 2.0 vs 1.0

Just noticed my new op 1 is rev 2.0, what’s different on rev 1.0?

where does it say so?

Says rev 2 on my actual box it came in, along the side near the barcode, the model number of mine is TE002AS001A REV 2.0

Would be difficult to know without you opening it up and looking at all the boards. Maybe they have implemented a new IO board to mitigate some of the issues people have had with the jacks coming undone. Maybe a major component was obsoleted and they had to come up with a replacement for it. Maybe they switched suppliers and wanted a means to track all boards done by each company. Always hard to tell. I would be surprised if it were anything related to higher performance components. They wouldn’t want to have a “All rev. 2 owners can update to this new OS but not rev. 1 owners” type of update in the future. Too PC world type of thinking.

hello, since we know that the main pcb completely changed, i would like to ask people with rev.2.0 units, please :

  • can you tell about the noises of the unit, also while connected to USB ? did someone compare the two…?
  • did you ever send your unit back because of USB problems ?
  • does it happen to lose notes in the Tombola sequencer : OP-1 disappearing Tombola notes - YouTube or can you feel sometimes you reach the CPU limit ?

i would like to know what has been improved since the 1.0 i have, and maybe what to expect in rev.3

thanks :v:

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i read somewhere that the Rev 2 has a peace sign on the back next to the other icons (on the right) and the rev 1 doesn’t; is this true?

Apparently, units bought after mid-2018 have that:

So not necessarily rev2