OP-1 sample management

Hey guys, looking into getting an OP soon, but had a question regarding the sampling that I haven’t really seen explained. Maybe because it’s really obvious and I’m looking into it too much.
So in drum mode you have your different drum engines, and within this you have the drum sampler. I know there is the limitation of the 12 sec sample, but in this do I have the ability to potentially save 8 different kits of 12 sec samples, or are all the kits drawing from the same one?
I just don’t want to get one and realize I screwed myself on sample storage capabilities

Each drumkit has 12sec sample time, and by using snapshots you can store much more than only 8 kits.

That sounds promising! So how exactly does a snapshot differ from a kit? And what is the internal memory like on the OP? How many samples could I realistically save?

A snapshot is a preset that you save e.g. if you save a drum kit.

Max Synth Sampler patches = 42
Max Synth Synthesis patches = 100
Max Drum Patches = 42

Cooool. Thanks for clearing that up, 5Star