OP-1 Sample Save Issue

When I record samples then save them they are fine until I scroll to a different sound and come back. When I come back to a sound I just sampled, the sound has changed to whatever other sound I just scrolled past. Is this a defect or am I doing something improperly?

This video shows the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQnEkFTM428&feature=youtu.be

?? Can’t spot any user error.looks weird.
Have you saved any successful samples or saved many (like over 40) already?

I’m having the same exact problem. Was this ever resolved?

Have you tried a factory reset?

I contacted TE a couple of months ago and spent time on the phone with them. Sent a video of the problem. They are aware of it, however said they couldn’t replicate the error. It only happens when you sample using shift + middle C, and then save to snapshot. If you hold middle C manually to trigger sampling it’s fine. It’s definitely a bug, there are others experiencing the same problem.

I did. No luck… thanks.

Thank you. Good to know.
Also, they never even responded to my inquiry, 2 weeks later… Terrible customer service issues there.