OP-1 sampler issue

Ok, new OP-1 user here. I have had a floor model of it for a few weeks and it works fine mostly. But I notice there was glitch when I sample with it. I get the sample and when I tap the keys, it goes between going down a step in the note and keeping it at 0. Is there an update that I need to have for my OP-1 in order for this glitch to stop? Please help.

just a shot in the dark
is it maybe the LFO that is causing the pitch drop?

possibly. i’ll take a closer look at it after work. one thing that happens is that when i pitch it back up and go back down, it stops on most of the keys on the sampler. it’s not something i like to do because it gets very time consuming.

maybe legato is turned on?

r we talking synth sampler here? or drum sampler?

definitely drum sampler

ah so is like the screen actually showing the pitch setting jump around?
maybe it is your encoder then?

yeah the screen jumps quick just between 1 step. like if its at 0 it’ll go to either 1+ or 1- when i tap a key.

maybe try to clean the encoder
spray a lil deoxit in there and work it around a bunch

ah i will try that. thank you.