op-1 sampling / total beginner's question

hello folks,

i’m currently considering buying an op-1 and i have a few very novice questions. sorry if they are bold or have been answered already – i’d be gracious for any help:
  1. can samples be loaded onto the op-1 via usb or does it have a card-reader?
  2. can the op-1 play samples in polyphony via external midi (automatically pitching the sample according to the midi-note it receives)?
thanks from frankfurt, germany!

@bennniii Hi and welcome!

1. Samples can be recorded directly into the OP-1 (via 3.5mm audio input from another instruments, iPad etc) as well as added into the machine via USB. The drum sample can be up to 12 seconds long (this is for a kit of sounds rather than one-shots), the synth is 6 seconds of sample time. You can also take samples from the build-in FM radio or the built-in mic.

2. The OP-1 can play samples polyphonically, yes. The synth sampler will pitch the notes across the keyboard as you describe.Midi keyboards can be used externally to do this although setting that up will differ for each person’s gear. This isn’t something I’ve done myself but others might be able to point you in the right direction depending on what you are using.

Hope some of this helps! Its worth checking out the excellent OP-1 manual which can be found here.
  1. only via USB, it’s a class-compliant device that shows as an external disk in Android/Win/OsX/Linux.

    2. sample polyphony yes, external midi yes (only via USB of course)

@wolflegjon – thanks for the warming welcome and your help! sounds really, really rad. what a wonderful device!

one last question, which may be a luxury-problem: can the op-1 play multiple (polyphonic) samples via different midi-channels? sorry for having NO clue at all :slight_smile: what i mean is: can i load it up with e.g. 2 samples (possibly each ~3 seconds long) and play one of them in polyphony on midi ch1 and the other on midi ch2?

thanks again!

@bennniii Thats a very good question! I think the synth engine is a one-at-a-time setup but you can select parts of a sample to use so that a sample containing two different sounds can be reused. You can only play one channel at a time from what I understand but someone might be able to correct me if I’m wrong, I’m a little sketchy on the MIDI side of things.

bought! thanks @wolflegjon and @vehka <3

Hope u like it man. =) We’re all fans as you can see =)

You can only control one synth engine at a time, and only one sample/synth sound at a time. But of course there’s the tape, so that’s not a problem. I think that really embracing the tape is the key to gelling with the OP-1! Requires a bit of a different mindset if you come from a DAW background.

@bennniii Wow, thats great! :slight_smile: There are so many different ways to use the OP-1 for all sorts of very different styles of music. Most importantly its a lot of fun and inspires creativity, you’ll have a blast with it!

@bennniii I just ordered one back on the 13th of February. TE says it will be the 17th of this month when they ship it though, you might have to wait a while, but it’s worth it. I’ve been wanting this since announcement when I was about 10. I’m sure you will love it.

hehe (: thanks you folks… communities behind instruments have become a crucial aspect as for my choices of purchase (same with the monome, which i love) – i seem to be have arrived in the very right spot, here.

@xophize – i’m trying to get “mine” off of the german craigslist. currently checking if & hoping it’s still available.

this is fun! thanks

@bennniii Hope it goes well ! I’m teeming with excitement for mine, which might even be delayed again due to TE working on the op-z step sequencer. Most definitely worth the wait though.

Re midi channels, what you can do is use the drum sampler, have half the keys for one sound and half with another. You would be limited re sample length for each sample to half the drum sample storage (12 secs in total). The notes would be gate or one shot only (i.e. no envelope) and obviously limited to a single octave.

What is the fastest way to create a drum kits? There is a software solution/application on this site, that makes an *.aif from several drum sounds. Can’t find it at the moment. But is this the fastest way?

p.s. found it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmW-z5ZoWrM