OP-1 Screen Burned White? Not sure what to do

Hey guys, my OP1 screen just suddenly turned white. No firmware updates / resetting seem to help. Assuming my screen is toast but I figured I’d upload an image and see if anyone had any advice on how to proceed. It’s a bummer as it’s truly an awesome device that provides a lot of inspiration – but wild how in less than a year it’s screen can just suddenly die (even though I take better care of this thing than any other electronic I own)

Any news on your case? Something similar happened to me today, 1 year old device as well. At boot the screen went white (the unit was still working - I could hear the sounds and change settings, etc.). It happened a few times when doing random tests tonight, Id say it booted fine 7 times on 10, still not a good sign. Never had any issue before.
Similar experiences anyone?

I’ve had something like this. And it turned into a long running issue. Prepare yourself for the worst. If you search my threads you should find it.

I think this is the thread Anyone had this crazy problem with their OP?

Hope you guys find a solution.

I seem to remember having that happen once to mine several years ago. After I calmed down from a fit of panic, I think what I did was leave it on and let the battery run all the way down, and then turn it off and charge it fully.

I’m not convinced that that will help, but it’s worth a try — faster than sending it to TE, anyway, and it certainly can’t make things any worse.

In the end this glitch would cause the screen to randomly turn into a white out or some kind of fuzz and the only way to fix it was to get the battery to run out because you couldn’t turn it off but it would still be working audibly so you had to wait many hours for it to be workable again. At this time the issue was re-occurring regularly and I was producing a cover of a sufjan Stevens song very elaborately which was already so difficult and I remember it being such a huge nightmare. I don’t envy you. What I did in the end was using my warranty to get money back on the OP1 and getting a new one. I did find a time that the issue would not occur for weeks or even months at a time,m but it was too unreliable to use the unit for production and especially by performance, It would then return and just occur every time I turned it on within a few minutes. My new unit has never had this problem it was secondhand. I hope my experiemce is of some small use to you

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Let’s hope this is one of the “quirks” that have been “refined”