OP-1 Screen DOA?

Hey everybody!

Asking for a friend...

A guy I know ordered an OP-1 this week. It came in today and, unfortunately, looks to have a problem. He is able to turn it on and make sound with it, but the screen does not work. I tried googling around to help him figure it out, but no matter what we do, the screen is just blank black.

He has already e-mailed TE support, but I was just curious if anyone had any advice or suggestions of things to try until they get back to him.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you need to charge it first? Or can you make any sound with it?

Yeah, it makes sound fine. All the buttons and knobs seem to work… the screen just never turns on. We tried a factory reset and updating the firmware (by directions on internet, since we couldn’t see the screen), but nothing seems to work.

He may just return it.

return it.

If it’s new, simply return it, get your money back and order a replacement.

I had the same problem when I got my OP-1. The screen flashed for a second but wouldn’t turn on. The speakers and buttons were working fine.
I just returned it and got a replacement from the shop I ordered it from.

I got my new OP-1 yesterday and I am having the exact same issue with mine. Ever fine a solution or did you return and get a new OP-1?

Damn. Whats going on with T.E. quality control lately?