OP-1 screen not working after moving samples to unit

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I bought a used OP-1 that functioned great and used it every day since, having great fun.

Today, I hooked it up to my computer to put some samples on there (done so multiple times already) and suddenly my screen started acting weird, not showing any graphics anymore, just a dim, little illuminated black screen. I have tried to (all while blind :smiley::

  • turn it off and on again several times
  • factory reset (successful)
  • reinstall software (successful)

This does not resolve any problems. The weird thing is that I do hear sounds, the keyboard is entirely functional, all but my screen.

Is there something I can do to fix this issue myself or is there any way you can assist me in fixing the problem?


P.S. I also just e-mailed TE, but would like to know your thoughts on the matter.
P.P.S. Image of the unit in question here.

The fact that it’s illuminated makes it different to what I have experiencedfull stop when you switch it off does the screen switch off?

When I turn it off, the screen’s illumination is gone. When I turn it off, the screen’s illumination fades in. The actual screen has a weird line pattern…

I had a bizarre issue with my first op1… Similar to this, but there was crazy dots everywhere. Couldn’t fix it :’(