OP-1 shuts off and restarts when plugging into rec jack

It’s at least 5 years old and has had a dodgy on/off switch since about a year after I got it. There is also a problem of it sometimes shutting down and restarting when plugging a cable into the rec jack (and sometimes the USB as well). It seems to be happening more frequently.
Is this a known issue? Can this be repaired easily?
I was working overseas and didn’t want to send it off somewhere to be repaired, but I’m back in Canada now and it seems like a good idea. Not sure where to send it though…

Sounds like you need a new connector board (out of stock) from here https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Teenage+Engineering+OP-1+Connector+Board+Replacement/19125

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the power switch may just be dirty tbh.
just spray some electronics cleaner in thereeeeeee and work it back and forth a bit

u prolly wanna pop off the back plate so u can get to the switch directly.


hey thanks for that - thought I was going to have to send it to Sweden by dogsled or something…
although it does seem like most of the OP-1 part are ‘out of stock’ - hopefully that changes someday soon


thanks - I will definitely try that since the part I need is out of stock. I had read long ago that the on/off switch collects debris… I just didn’t realize how easy (hopefully) it is to pop open that part.