OP-1 Signal cutting out intermittently

OP-1 Signal cutting out intermittently. What could it be? Requesting help.

Would probably need more infos on this one!
Is it the OG1 or the OP1f?
How old is the unit? Updated to the last firmware? Charged?
If you have some more infos, it will help us troubleshoot it.
And it can also be of help here to contact TE’s support!
Let us know!

It was a gift. Not sure how old the unit is. Not sure if I’ve updated the latest firmware. I updated about a month ago if that helps.

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It helps a lot. Thanks.

First things first, you should update the firmware if you missed one. It can go a long way, sometimes.

Then, I would monitor the battery level when the issue occurs. After all, it could be a battery issue.
Same goes for internal storage.

One thing for sure, I would contact TE’s support to open a ticket and see if they come up with any idea. Since they probably already heard of that kind of issues, I’ll try.

In any case, please, let me know.
Documenting your issue will probably help others at some point!

After uploading my samples to my computer I did a factory reset and then uploaded the new firmware. No problems yet, but we’ll see.