Op-1 sold out again

It looks like the op-1 is sold out again on te’s website :frowning:

Let’s hope it’s never discontinued! I thought the screen issue was resolved and the ability to manufacture units was secure. Makes me nervous…

It would suck if they stop making it but not if they make a mk2. A mk2 is a no brainer IMO. At least make it have a high quality stereo line input, double/triple the recording length of the tape and recorder, higher quality mic for field recording, Bluetooth audio, 8 tracks, built in midi and cv out and increase the bit depth of the synths. Op1 Pro? Please? Just bring up the specs. You can do it. OP-Z is nice but op1 has that unique tape workflow .

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The main issue last time was that they couldn’t source some parts, I think it was the display screen. The OP-1 uses an old cell phone screen and eventhough the technology itself isn’t too complicated, you still have to find a manufacturer that can supply you with a small amount of unmodern displays, for a decent price and with a decent supply/support-agreement.

I’ve seen a lot of comments like “how hard can it be” etc, and truth be told: it can be pretty damn hard. Just finding a manufacturer that agrees on producing small batches of components that are only marketable to a single, small procurer isn’t that easy. The manufacturer would need a lot of convincing (or a lot of money) before they can be expected to make a business decision like that.

But you can always switch out the component and go for another type of display I suppose. However, that means that they would have to pour in more development resources into the OP-1 and start to alter a currently stable and more than ten year old product. Support-wise, they could probably also run into new types of problems related to the new display type that have to be investigated and dealt with under warranty claims.

Small issues like this can be a big deal for a small company like TE. They need to manage their resources efficiently in order to be able to come up with new products while also supporting their old ones. I would hate for the OP-1 to go out of production entirely, but I would completely understand if they made such a decision.


I don’t think op-2 will ever happen. Opz is the closest we’re gonna get i fear. z even kinda looks like a 2 which i’ve always wondered if that was on purpose or not. HOWEVER, it looks like it’s “ready to ship” on te’s website again, so that’s good! Long live the op1!

I would love an Op-z Pro. A little bigger, with nice clicky buttons, aluminum body, dedicated mic input and usable synth engines


and re-sampling.


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:joy: he said “usable synth engines” :man_facepalming:t5:

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The stock sound plugs are a joke compared to what’s out there. As a multimedia sequencer the Op-z is awesome.

It’s back in stock now. Saw this happen earlier in the year, but I’ve also received in-stock alerts across multiple retailers. Guitar Center has them, Amazon, Russo… A few out there. I don’t think they will discontinue. The OP-1 is a cash cow for them, but I also think we will never see a version 2. TE is not that type of company. They look forward to new things, like a BT radio nobody asked for…