OP-1 sound to computer MIDI


First of all pretty new to music in general so my the terms/expression I use maybe isn’t the right standard, but I will try to get it right.

What I basically want is to get the OP-1 sounds into any music program on my computer like FL Studio/Reason/Ableton. Im not looking for the standard way of the “drag and drop” from OP-1 disk, when you have recorded the audio on the OP-1. So correct me if Im wrong, but after a lot of reading is this the right/easiest way to get the sounds from my OP-1 as “note tabs” in my music program?

OP-1 -> iConnectMIDI -> MIDI piano controller -> Computer

So what Im thinking is to send the sounds I get on my OP-1 to the MIDI piano controller and than play the tunes I want and get it into my music program as “note tabs”. Is this the way to do it or have I missed something? Or maybe there is an easier way?

Thanks for reading and taking your time!

If you get yourself a USB Host like OP-Lab, Kenton USB Host or similar then you’ll be able to control what your OP-1 plays from your DAW (Ableton/ProTools/Cubase etc) using Midi information on a track (effectively notes you can edit, copy, paste etc).

You’d be sending this midi information out to your OP-1 via the USB Host.

You can then take the audio from your OP-1 into your computer via your Audio Interface or Mic/Line In.

You’d bring this audio into an audio track within your DAW so you could add FX or record what is being played from the midi.
(Or you could just record what’s being played onto the OP-1 tape).

You can sync the BPM of the OP-1 to the DAW so whatever BPM you have in DAW the op-1 will match.

keyboard -> usb (or midi in) Computer

Computer usb -> usb OP1
OP1 audio-out -> Computer audio in

In your DAW, setup the OP1 as external instrument on the OP1 midi port, turn the OP1 volume all the way up, record midi into computer, record the OP1’s audio on an Aux/Track input, and remember to store your patches as presets on the OP1.

Super thanks!

Now its much more clear in my head how to do this.

p.s. turn off USB charging if you get noise from the OP1