OP-1 Soy Sauce mishap and issues after cleanup

So I got my OP-1 a month or two back, new job has a 30 minute train commute each way so I figured this was a great way to use that time on something fun.

Was just getting into it when I had a lunchbox malfunction, seriously, mixed beansprouts with soy sauce on in a sealed container in a sealed lunchbox, box must have tipped up and nudeged the inner container open and there was a small crack in the lunchbox I’d never noticed it got out through and onto the OP-1 :frowning:

The next bit is where it gets weird, I open the unit up and clean out thoroughly with contact cleaner and dry tissues until no more soy sauce is coming off, at least you know when it’s all out 'cos there’s no more brown on the tissue, I close up and reassemble, power up and it’s working fine, apart from 3 keys, I figure I just didn’t put those back right, damn glad the important bits seem fine.

When I come to it a few days later, it’s FUBER, most keys don’t respond and some seem stuck on on, if I get into the diagnostic screen some keys also trigger as like 7 or 8 keys at once! No idea how it can be fine after the cleanup then just go wappy like this.

Dunno if anyone has seen anything similar or can offer any suggestions?

I notice a few threads suggest draining the battery and recharging and reinstalling the OS, might try that just in case it is some sort of software crash.

Sounds like at the very least a number of the key micro-switches are stuck closed and I’m not at all surprised. Sorry to hear this.


I’ve got a reply from TE suggesting I remove and replace the ribbon cables… have also drained the battery, so will try the cable thing then recharge and see how we’re doing.

Man that sucks, hope you get it sorted.