Hi Hoping i’m not the only one stuck. SAMPLE SLICING NOT WORKING
when i sample into the drum mode- it doesn’t seem to slice across the keyboard. it seems that so matter what key i press- it starts the sample at the beginning and simply pitches it up and down - which is cool BUT… i want to record in like 12 seconds of a disco track and have it sliced across the keyboard. I can not figure it out- i’ve watched a lot of videos. I’m totally missing something… HELP?

tbh it sounds like u are on synth sampler not drum sampler

or if u are indeed on drum sampler maybe u have one of hte sequencers active?

orrrr something is severely mixed up if neither of those things are true.
maybe a factory reset is the tonic u need?


check to see that you don’t have a sequencer on. :sunglasses:

Thanks everyone!! I’ll investigate further… i probably had a sequencer on. Now it’s working better i think. So many things to remember. lol.

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