OP-1 sync to PO 12 - volume problem

hey there,

I ve a problem: I tried to sync the PO 12 to the OP1

I change the settings on the OP1 to PO … than I change the settings on the PO12 to SY04.
The problem is, that I still can hear the click when I use my headphones at the PO12 and the OP1 is almost silent, what I mean is that the volume is very different, even if I ve it on max on the OP1 I can barely hear it. The PO12 is always at least twice as loud. When I change the volume on the PO 12 the volume of the OP1 changes as well … PO12 is always a lot louder.

any ideas?


Try SY02 on the PO12

No - SY4 is correct. With SY2, you'll not receive the OP-1 audio on the R channel, just the OP-1 click.

This is where you'll need a little splitting and mixing I think.

The volume control on the PO-12 controls the volume of the aggregated output, not just what the PO-12 has 'added'.


Ok … I ll try it with splitting, coz I played a little bit around and the following happens:
The volume of the OP 1 gets somehow adjusted by the PO 12 … if I ve the OP at 50% volume and change it fast to 100% it get really loud, I mean in a way that it fits really good, but a few seconds later the volume is changed automaticly to about 50% again. (it’s still at 100% at the OP1, but you can hear like 50%) …

… I was just asking, because it works just fine with the Robot and Office … I thought that it is maybe a certain “problem” or “issue” with the first generation of POs.

Thanks for your time.

Hey hey. Just wondered if you ever figured this one out. Having the same problem and can’t figure it out…