OP-1 sync with Octatrack


I have a couple of dramas. I have successfully synced my OP-1 to my Octatrack through a Steinberg UR22 usb interface and a laptop.

I cannot however play notes on my octatrack witth the op-1 keyboard, although the white keys do trigger the octatrack to play. When I try to midi learn on the octatrack the octatrack instantly displays learned midi #123 or something like that. I think its the Steinberg clock???

Sorry if this is confusing.

The other thing is that the op-1 syncs to the tempo of the octatrack quite slow, and seems to drift around the right tempo for a while before settling, is this normal?

Cheers for any help.


By default, the global channel of the Octatrack is the channel 11. Then each track has its own midi channel.
But i’m sure you already know that. (Cf. Note mapping section of the OT manual. (C- 1))

Can I ask what are you trying to play on the OT with the OP1 ? Chromatic track trig ? Transport ?

The slow clock adjustment between the two is normal I think. At least, I experience the same thing via OPlab .

plus there’s a specific range of notes the Octatrack responds to. Some notes actually do stuff like trigger playback, and so on.

Exactly. Everything is on this page. (attached file)

Thanks heaps for that. Got my head around it now.

I reckon I will just cut midi out from the op-1 all together.

Sweet as.


Yeah the Octatrack midi note implementation is badly implemented, far too easy to record over a track whilst intending to record a melody, for example.

That’s shit to know.

Yeah, too many MIDI note numbers are mapped to functions in the Octatrack like start/stop pickup machine, record to pickup machine, etc.

It’s one of the reasons I haven’t attempted to record MIDI notes into the OT’s MIDI sequencer… yet, anyway.