OP-1 - Tape Click/Pops on YouTube videos?

I just bought an OP-1 and I am delighted at the sounds, form factor, design etc. I have always wanted it every since it came out and now I finally have one!!

My question has to do with the clicks and pops that come up when recording to tape (cutting/pasting etc).

Is this still an issue for everyone of firmware 242?

Also, how come do we never hear pops/clicks on the big YouTube videos (see Red Means Recording)? Seems odd that it’s not mentioned in their videos as a big issue.

It became a bit better with an update years ago. I have had no problems with the pops, or if, very seldom. It just depends on how you’re working with it and thats why also Jeremy knows how to not let it pop.

Just dont record over the end of a loop and don’t cut, copy and paste out of an whole recording, if you know what I mean. So, for example a bassline: If you cut and/ or paste in the middle of a sound, you will have a problem. Better just play it again.

Thank you, I appreciate the answer mate.

So if this is reproducible only under specific actions and hence it doesn’t happen at random, then at least there is a way out.

Just so that I am sure that I understand your solution, at what circumstances are we allowed to cut?

Cutting is a very important part of the process, no?

Also, if I’m not to record over the end of a loop, how do I stop notes with longer delay/reverb?

When I’m building up a track, I have to copy parts and whole parts a lot.
Usually I have longer parts of drums and such already as a fundament in an early stage.

So when adding more sounds it’s better to just record over the mark of a loop if necessary and then record the next instead of copying the same part over and over even tho mostly you won’t have a problem with that when you aren’t cutting it in the middle of a wall of sound.

The best thing imo is to first check what actions could cause a problem before you start your masterpiece. Try out whats possible and what not.

I’ve never done that til now, also I’m not that sensitive when things go wrong. I just cut away the pop or rerecord that one part or even just live with it. Many people here st appreciate these little mistakes for originality.

The main thing to avoid is interrupting bass notes with cuts or at loop points. Higher frequencies are less prone to audible clicking. This applies to generally to any situation where you might get an abrupt note cut (on any hardware or software): try to extra hard to avoid doing it with bass.

It’s less of an issue lately, though, recent OP-1 FWs will try to remove the clicks for you. I never got a detailed explanation of how this works, it might be the kind of thing where you need to overdub with nothing a few times if the clicking is bad enough. Either way, it’s a marked improvement. Since I like having long-tailed pads that will loop, it used to take a lot of massaging at times to get the clicks out, but now I hardly need to fuss with it. I still need to check for it as part of the workflow, but it isn’t every single take of every single loop that I have to fix something anymore. And again, it’s mostly the bass I have to clean up.