Op-1 tape function

Hey does anyone know of any stand alone piece of gear which does something similar to the tape function on the op-1?

The tape function is one of the most useful parts of the op for me! I use it for looping, crafting songs, recording,looping external gear. I love it. I’m finding that the op doesn’t exactly fit super well into my live setup but want to keep that tape function! Any ideas?

You mean something like this?

Or something like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portastudio

Not exactly, but kinda. Something with a loop function.

You mean, something like this ?



Or record and scratch on your tape (a real one) with this DIY device, enthusiast Jeremy Bell’s ScrubBoard :
Scratch live audio in realtime, with this tape-based audio toy! - YouTube

Not exactly, but kinda. Something with a loop function.

Most digital recorders have a loop function: like Tascam DR-40, Zoom H4nSP.

in my experience, w/ various digital 4-8 tracks and “field” recorders. the looping function is there, but the looping is not seamless.

slight pause when it loops back around.

not sure why no one ever thought to fix that. seems like a no brainer. its a shame tho

not sure u will find the op1 tape exactly in a similar package. maybe an ipad+some app?

if u are bent more towards recording and song composition, i’d say go w/ a digital 4 track type jawn.

if it is looping and more live stuff u are looking for, maybe look into a looper pedal or looping thing of some kind?

otherwise maybe if the totality of the op1 tape is what u want, use the op1 tape!

Yeah your right, I think I am just going to find a way to implement the op into my setup. Nothing really does what it does. Thanks for all the suggestions!!