OP-1 Tape Issue

Hi guys,

Need some help with my tape. It is looping a region of the tape and I can hear it but it shows to have no audio. Cut a long story short, I was trying to copy/paste something, thought I deleted it by accident… but it turns out the audio is still there but I cannot see it visually on the tape. Did I do something silly? Thx.

I’ve had that happen a few times. I think you can use shift+lift to pick up the 4 track region and it should be there when you paste it back. Maybe paste it to a blank space first to be sure. I think overdub works too.

Happens sometimes. Restart should clear it up.

Restart didnt work and neither did the shift lift… :frowning:

factory reset. Powerup while holding COM.

Restart didnt work and neither did the shift lift… :frowning:

Really? Is the sound still there? Try backing up your tape… then overdub it with nothing. Lift that and see if it works.

@masteroaffstuff will the factory reset kill my current project? Probably right?

@anomalous going to give it a try and come back - although its weird i see 4 tracks showing as recorded even though i know i have only used 2. I suppose thats because I did shift+lift ?

thank you guys…


Just make sure the region is in a loop and lift all tape tracks with shift+lift. Alternatively, you can turn the record gain down on the tape screen (orange) and record silence over the region to restore graphical representation. I find that this happens fairly often, particularly on tape regions neighboring an area where I perform a shift+lift operation to lift all tracks. It is annoying, but easily remedied.

@Lymtronics Thank you dude. Very much appreciated – is this a known bug? It’s super annoying. To make matters worse there is no “Undo” function… yikes.