OP-1 Tape Loop Click/Pop workaround

Sup people!?

 Running 241.  Tape click and pops have been good for a while, but got one today on what was definitely blank tape (just lifted to clear). 

 Tried lifting another piece of tape and dropping on click spot; then lifted that.  It worked!  The click seemed to lift w/ the tape I dropped in. 

 Hope it works again lol, can’t test until another click.  Cheers!

I don’t have to worry about pops and clicks ruining my OP-1 recordings; they are already ruined by my newbie ineptness over every other aspect of recording. Nevertheless, it is still a mystery, worth uncovering, why those little buggers show up on my tape tracks. On another thread, a couple possible culprits were explored: sudden changes in envelope or other sudden ambient effect changes. I will spend more time trying to understand this…

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LOL! For sure, sudden changes in LFO’s and FX may lead to unwanted artifacts; OR?! They could be exactly what you want if you’re going there. I’ve found it good practice to back up and clear the tape often. Cheers!

I just don’t understand this thing. Why would a synth have pops on a loop? This is just so frustrating. I spent 30mins today trying to get rid of a digital pop on my loop point, playing the same thing over and over and over. And it’s still there. How is this fun? How is this creative?

The fact that there are even threads called “Tape Loop click/pop workaround” indicates that the synth is at fault.

I know this synth is trying to recreate the tape experience, but it’s a synth. How about some 21st century synth UX?

Why is there just not a microscopic automatic fade out, fade in on the loop like in ableton?

It’s time I just get rid of the op1 and get a deluge…

I don’t know, mate.

It seems like Jeremy Blake and Andrew Huang never have the issue so when I do it I chalk it up to user error. Double-trigger can be pretty annoying though.

If I could only pick one synth out of the OP-1, OP-Z or Deluge it would be the Deluge every day of the week.

I still love my OP-1 though. I’m determined to master it and keep it regardless.