Op-1 tape won't play

This is really confusing me and making me feel really tired, I hope I’m just doing something stupid…

My op-1 tape won’t play if I hit the play button. I’ve tried all the sync options, I’ve updated to the latest firmware and done a factory reset. I’m trying it with nothing plugged into it, audio or USB.

If I Shift right arrow a bit into the tape, then SHIFT Play, it’ll play backwards, so I don’t think the button is broken. I’m stumped!

Any ideas?

The only thing I’ve done was to plug my op-1 into the Piezo input of my cocoquantus, and I was about to have a look at seeing if I could get a sync signal playing off the op-1.


Looks like after repeatedly pressing the play key it does occasionally start. If I press it again though, it will just stop.

I’m wondering now if I need to remove the key and clean it or something?

Did you check to make sure you didn’t accidentally mute one or more of your tracks without realizing it? If the track # inside the square is dim, then it’s muted. To toggle track muting hold shift+1,2,3 or 4, whichever your case may be.

thanks for the suggestion. No, the actual tape wasn’t moving. I actually removed the play and stop key overnight and left in the sunshine today, and it’s working again. I don’t think it was physical/mechanical issue though as it responded perfectly when shift was pressed. Anyhow, it’s working again. really odd behaviour and hope it’s not a bug in the latest firmware.

Ah, man, that is pretty strange. & it was just those 2 keys specifically? That’s super weird. I had a feeling that my suggestion might have been off because it was too simple of a fix, but you never know. Lol

Hope your Op stays free of any issues from here on out. :call_me_hand:t3: