OP-1 Tips and Tricks

Chorus effect:

I was searching for a chorus effect and read in my microsampler manual about the chorus effect where a lfo modulates the delay very subtlely. So I tried that with the value lfo plus the delay. But the delay on the the OP-1 still was too delayiey, so I chose CWO for that (working with grid changed the sound too much for me…)

freq: 0 delay 28 feedback: 15 sideband: doesn’t really matter

Value LFO
Speed: 3 clicks to the right Amount: 5 Dest: FX f P.Dest: green (delay on CWO)

on a synth sound in digital with high sustain you totally hear the LFO effecting more chorus, even tho CWO does a lot. With one shots in sampler and short synth it changes, maybe you have to adjust the parameters a bit…

Turn your OP-1 into an eerie ambient drone machine:

1)Slow tempo way down (blue knob while on metronome screen).
2)Lower tape speed way down (white knob while on metronome screen, iirc).
3)Pick a Synth and give it a nice and long Attack and Release on the EG (button 2 below the screen)
4)Shift + Blue knob for Poly
5)Shift + Green knob to turn up Portamento/Glide
6)Turn on the sequencer (far right button just above keys)
7)Shift+sequencer button, blue knob to select Sketch
7)Use Sketch to draw out your your pitches (blue and green) knobs)
8)Use the Shift + Orange knob to set Sketch to Hold, and it will continuously play.
9)Use Shift + Green knob to adjust the division.

You can use a CWO or one of the delays on the Synth FX slot (button 3 in Synth mode) and a Spring on the Master FX (button 3 in Mixer mode) to further manipulate the sound.

If you record this to Tape you will have to leave the Tape speed set low, but you can record to a DAW or something from the line/headphone out, too.



Thx @KrisM for the tip :slight_smile:

Aha LFO on sample synths knobs is really crazy.

I like it when you get on a very little piece of sample, in the 8-bit zone, it give’s the sound an inconsistent-speed tape-like effect…

The Phone will track pitch. Use shift to get it just right and use the telematic(blend) to get some beautiful doubling effects

does anyone know of a way to sample something and be able to play the sample without changing the tempo of it? i.e. i record phrase ‘hello’ and then i play it on the keys. the low C key sounds down pitched but also down tempo-ed. is there a way to have the sample on all keys with the pitch change but not tempo? makes sense? thankx to the community!

@pan - never tried this, but I wonder if you throw a sample across the keys, and then apply the Timestrecthing, per the first video post on this thread you might achieve the result you want. I might try this now…thanks!

The OP-1 samplers are very basic. They lower speed to lower pitch, and raise speed to raise pitch. The only way to do it @pan is using the timestretch trick but bear in mind it will not sound smooth at all. I like it, but I don’t generally like things too pristine >.>

me neither @KrisM. the murkier the better. but still id like to have that option. have already done timestretching trick @kln and thats a whole different thing, still a ton-o-fun :wink:

To allow live notes while using Pattern Sequencer:

First enter some notes into Pattern Sequencer. Make sure that your pattern has some spaces between the notes.

Now leave the pattern sequencer screen, go to Synth or Tape, Hold down a note to activate the sequence, then switch back onto the Pattern Sequencer screen, if you press down on a 2nd key (while still holding the first), your 2nd note will play during the empty parts of the sequence.

In Poly mode, it will let you play chords like normally, but in all other modes, it plays the 2nd note over any gaps. It sounds pretty cool. It is most apparent if you have a slower BPM, under 100. As long as you keep the original 1st note pressed, you can change the 2nd note and the trick will still work. However, you can always activate HOLD and let go of the first note. It sounds very interesting when you try it with a Sampler patch like Hi Piano, and set it to Mono or Unison.

@THSC wow interesting tip, worth trying on my end. Thank ya kindly!

@THSC thanks a lot for this one

This has probably been mentioned somewhere, but I couldn’t find… seems obvious but I just discovered: in the drum sampler, set the sample in loop mode use the white knob to shorten it. You can get a note repeat effect doing this. Even better, you can do this while a sequence is playing. For example, I copy a hi hat into another slot and enter the copied one into a sequence along with regular notes. Then edit the “repeat” effect to taste. Hear an example in the track below on the hi hats and tom fills.


I just figured that the Master reverb is Stereo, while the track reverb is mono.

So the Master reverb really expend what’s played, it sounds beautifully.
Such a pity you cannot actually resample this in a track…
I just figured that the Master reverb is Stereo, while the track reverb is mono.
So the Master reverb really expend what's played, it sounds beautifully.

it’s also exceptionally noisy.

I meant, it sound beautifully compared to the shitty mono reverb of a track ;)
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This thread should be sticky.

Something is weird : OP-1 input is stereo, but it seems all recordings (Tape, Synth and Drums Samplers) are mono.

Am I missing something ?

na thats how it is. the only thing that records stereo within the OP1 i think is ALBUM.

I should try this, that’s an idea.

Now to bounce back separately the album channels to tape, I’m foutu, am I not ?

What about transfering the album file to your computer. Then you select only the right/left channel output on the computer and record to let’s say track 1 with the audio output of your computer feeding the OP1. Repeat for the other channel on track 2.

It is lame but should work I guess?