Op-1 to Fl Studio

Hello everybody! I am new to the op-1 life and I am wondering how everybody tracks their op-1 into their daw for recording. Specifically Fl Studio. With the new 243 update I should be able to do this rather easily but it is not working out :confused: . I am trying to record my op-1 straight into fl studio but it only seems to work as a midi controller. Can anybody help?

Hey mate, press Shift + Com and select USB audio. Should work then.

Hey everybody! I’m new to OP-1 and newer to FL. So I managed to create an aggregate device to use the OP-1 and it’s built in sounds and samples. I figured out that but I can’t figure out the other way around. How do you get FL studio 20 to recognize the OP-1 as a MIDI controller so i can then use it for the piano roll inside FL? Thanks

Hi, did you ever find a solution for this? I’m also having this problem.

For me, it was just plug and play after the 243 update. There was no need to switching to the MIDI setting either. Fl studio automatically recognized it as a MIDI controller. You can manually check it in the settings though too.

I got the same issue too, connected as midi controller but can’t record the sample with op1. :smiling_face_with_tear: Can anybody help?