OP-1 track á la Kraftwerk


I’m rather new to posting at this forum so hope you don’t get pissed at me for posting a new discussion for this but I just wanted to show you my new track.
Made entirely with the OP-1 with a aim for some old Kraftwerk stuff. Enjoy!

Would be glad to know what you guys think! :slight_smile:

Feeling German by Made Up Monster | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Take care!

Pretty nice one, thanks for sharing!

By coincidence, I was actually listening to Volca Kraftwerk videos this morning:
More cut-back, but impressive, with the Monotribe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAhLX0veQ64

Cuckoo’s OP-1 + Stylophone2 is still great : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm5HF9uhhic

Nice. I like it!

Did this a while ago, all on the OP-1: https://soundcloud.com/sentient-minority/the-model

Great work @made-up-monster and @sentientminority!

Here’s my own Kraftwerkian tune from 2 years ago when I was a veritable Op-1 newbie… cue dodgy keyboard playing :slight_smile: :


@sentientminority Love it! Any memories from the making of it?


Glad you enjoyed it.

I made it for my 5 year old daughter in about 45 mins on the sofa (she loves The Model & The Robots).

Just tapped the tempo from the song in to the OP-1, started with the drums and then began filling in the other bits by playing live (can’t remember what synth engines), then started copying and pasting.

I used the endless sequencer for the little run half way through and at the end.

My daughter seems to have good taste in music (unforced I might add). She’s a big fan of Joga by Bjork so perhaps I’ll try that next?

Thank you @johnl @djorkaeff and the mighty @yoof ! :slight_smile:

How fun that the thread became a sort of collection of Kraftwerkian(stole your word, Yoof) songs! Mission accomplished! :smiley:

Hehe :slight_smile: We should do a Kraftwerkian battle one month.

Yep nice work guys

@MadeUpMonster reminds me of a Kraftwerkesque deconstructed Neon Lights.
@johnl I really like the variation you have in your Volca version of The Model and The Robots is seriously excellent.
@yoof is that all OP-1? Love the little reverse bits in it.

A Kraftwerkian battle would be ace!

Cheers @sentientminority. Yes, all Op-1. Was a long time ago but I remember it was one of the first times I grabbed some tape and dropped it into the drum sampler for some remixing (hence the reverse bits).

Hehe yeah that’s correct @sentientminority. Neon Light was definitely a big inspiration, even thought I haven’t listened to it for a, far too long, time :slight_smile:

+1 for the Kraftwerkian battle!

@yoof try as I might, I can’t lift from tape then drop into the sampler. Can you explain the process? I’m probably just being a numpty.

+1 for Kraftwekian battle! Great tracks all round fellas but the Volca one wins for me!

Hey @ghostly606, it’s dead easy, however there is a bug that can get in the way… I’ll explain.

So find a bit of spare tape and record a few notes from one of the synth engines. Then press the lift button which should remove the blue line from the tape. Then go to drum sampler and choose one of the preset buttons 1-8. Then press the drop button. This should overwrite what was there before with your notes from tape. Then you can use the green and white knobs to set start and end points for your samples.


There is a bug, which is possibly getting in your way. If you’re in a drum sampler and lift and drop one key’s settings to another, this triggers the bug. Thereafter, dropping audio into the drum sampler doesn’t work, until you “reset” the bug by restarting your Op-1.

Hope you get what I mean.

@yoof - great, thanks!

Nice thread of you @MadeUpMonster and nice work too, also @yoof, me too, good idea with a Kraftwerk battle, @sentient_minority still remember your version from back then!

Ok, then I have to hijack this thread too. This is what I did in one of the early battles… I think it was the Digital only battle, but not sure.


@mixrasta nice