OP-1 Tracks


This was one of the first try´s with my OP-1






The hits just keep on coming


One traxx for the WorldCup !!!

Make & rec on only OP-1



This is Class!!!

Drum levels sounded better in my earphones...


Gave some vocals a shot



Thanks Itchy Hashy !

For like & comment !


Have Fun!


Well it feels like ages since I managed to finish up a track, though looking back that’s probably because it has been a few months since I have! This track was something I started in Maschine Studio, using that to do all of the beats and most of the synths.

The backwards edited guitar parts were recorded through my older pedal board using the Xotic EP Booster, Boss Tera Echo, and TC Flashback x4 pedals. I’m not sure how parts of that lick got reversed, it happened randomly when I was slicing the audio in Maschine. One of those happy accidents I guess!

The other guitar parts were recorded with my newer pedal board using the EP Booster again, the TC Hall of Fame reverb, and my new favorite delay, the Strymon Timeline. Beautiful delay, you can hear it doing all sorts of weird things on the intro guitar for instance.

The main synth melody was recorded using the OP-1. It was just played in realtime, then tweaked a bit with EQ in the mixdown.

Since I sold the Maschine Studio before I was done with this track, the rest of the arranging and mixing was done in Ableton Live. Used mainly the built in EQ to tweak things during the mixdown. Mastering was done in Triumph using DMG Audio’s Equilibrium, Voxengo MSED, and Fabfilter Pro-L.

(and no, I have no idea what “DDP” means in this case, it just popped in my head while writing the track and refused to leave!)


more new




Short and sweet



Some vocals from my Techno-Cat :smiley:



Little repost, my cover of “The Model” by "Kraftwerk"


All OP-1 with a little Ozone 5 to make it Louder!


Made this while paddling in a canoe at the weekend! https://soundcloud.com/thorpeacre/canoe


OP-1 and samples recorded via line in.


Hi everyone! My first track on OP-1.