OP-1 Tracks

are we starting a new thread? or single posts since we now have categories?

I think it is nice to have a general track thread like we had even though we have categories. This could be the “official” tracks thread :slight_smile:

I´ll start with a collab/remix contest me and three others did in a norwegian facebook group. We all had to submit 5+ tracks/loops at 42 bpm and then make our own mix out of the material that was submitted. My contribution should almost not be posted here as none of the original material was from the OP-1… but I did “master” my mix with the OP-1, sped it up +3 and I added some tape tricks + some cwo effects. The editing before that was done in Logic,

42 by Slomen | Free Listening on SoundCloud

nice work @slomen, sounds like a 80s TV series opening with a haunting twist. like what you did here
I’ve got nothing new to share so can only refer to my stale SC

Created for the Kubrick OhPeeWon battle.

Jam with OP-1, Korg Volca bass & ReBirth (on iPad)

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Here’s like the second thing I’ve ever made on my OP-1!


I fn love the Strings synth. \m/

New forum looks great!

Reposting from old board. OP-1 Album with Downloadable Presets :

Preset download : goo.gl/KLyPk



Edit : Looks like the formatting on the players is a little wonky. Click through to sites if you want to listen / download the album. Beep boop.

So I finished up the thing I posted yesterday.

the DNA synth is craaazy… and this uses only a relatively tame patch I made…


Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum and the op-1 (been about a month I think) . This is easily the best piece of gear I’ve purchased, so much fun and inspiration. Here’s a mix of the first batch of tracks I’ve done so far. Everything was created on the op-1 except the last beat. Very raw and kinda sloppyLooking forward to hearing other op users music when I get off work. Peace


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Industrial sounds for industrial machines.
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Hey ya’ll. Here is a quick and dirty mixdown I made. Sorry for the pops n clicks, my unit must be defective cuz I cant seem to record a loop without them.[hahaha/tears of frustration] I usually drag the 4 Tape tracks into Reaper, and recreate all my loop points with markers, then by splitting/chopping the tracks at those same marker points, fadeins/fadeouts are created automatically by Reaper. And those fadeins/fadeouts silence the pops n clicks.

Song sounds like…Alec Empire and Lee “Scratch” Perry eating acid in a graveyard…or something.idk.


I’ll re-post my work again. All tracks made solely on the OP-1. I am new to this whole music game, so most of my levels are a bit off etc etc. Hope y’all enjoy them. There is some useful/interesting info in the track description. https://soundcloud.com/eren-celik-1/sets/my-work

New summer track to sip some Lemonade to.


10 days old… but nowhere to post when I uploaded!

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@sammyjams: Just post the weblink not the iframe (I struggled at first too)

One more new one!


op1 + max/msp


A work in progress. Doing a cover, as an exercise. Original song is Campylobacter’s Groove, by Ultrasyd.



Just got my OP-1 a few days ago. Been learning how to use it and decided to save what I made.

Dropped three hot tracks in the last weeks and a teaser. Here they are in order: