OP-1 turns off after touching the switch and connectors

Hi. I would like to ask for your opinion as I have had a problem with my “OP-1” for some time. Namely, the device turns off when I need to use one of the connectors (Line-In, headphone jack, microUSB port) or when I lightly touch the switch.
I read the forum posts and I know there are problems with that. Opinions on the forum show that the problem is too tight fitting of the “connector plate” and the pressure on the “power switch”. It’s also recommended to spray the switch with switch spray, but I don’t think that’s the best idea.
I decided to unfold the “OP-1” and take a look at it. My diagnosis shows that the problem is the opposite. The plastic dummy switch presses too much on the switch and each touch of the elements on the “Connector Board” disconnects the power supply of the device. And the exact problem is probably some rubber (gasket) embedded inside the switch dummy.

The plastic dummy switch has been temporarily removed and the problem has been resolved.

Has anyone stripped down his OP-1 and can comment on it?
Is it similar in your “OP-1”?
Glue, eraser, gasket (…)

It probably makes everything fit very accurately, but as you can see, it causes a problem!

Can I remove this gasket from the switch dummy?

I attach photos.

man that USB 1.0 port needs an update !

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Man;) I don’t know what you mean.

i dont think that lil nub sticking out from the middle crevice is even supposed to be there tbh
u want the switch lever to sit in that crevice there

kinda looks like maybe somebody glued that shit in there from your pics

Impossible, I am the first owner and bought a new one a few good years ago.

Gentlemen, problem is solved.
The plastic dummy power switch has some foam rubber to keep it stiff. Over time, this filling apparently hardens (deforms) and loses its original properties. I removed the old rubber foam and replaced with a new one. I used double-sided foam tape and embedded it in the dummy switch as it was originally done. Everything is fine now. The switch is clearly looser. It is important that I have solved the problem.

I also warn you not to clean the power switch with liquid for switches or potentiometers. Perhaps the problem will be resolved when the switch loosens. But by the way, the switch will be destroyed.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to stick it permanently with any glue. Originally it was also a wetsuit. You can also remove all the foam from the switch dummy, but in this case the switch will be very loose.

Never seen that stuff on the switch cover, I fixed my OP-1s many times.

Edit: also looks kind of chewed up.

Well, as I wrote
Impossible, I am the first owner and bought a new one a few good years ago.
It is possible that in some series of the instrument, there was such a solution.

I’m having a similar issue. If I tap the side it shuts down. Haven’t disassembled it because i can’t afford making it worse. Touching the switch almost always results in shutdown :man_shrugging:t4:

I propose to solve this problem.
It’s not a big deal, and if you don’t have two left hands you’ll be fine.
It is enough to remove the rear end cap, tear off the tape from the connector plate, unscrew the 3 screws and remove the whole thing.
The problem is definitely the pressure of the dummy switch, which I showed in the photos, on the target switch.