OP-1 Update 2016

Hello everyone. I’ve just recently started looking into the OP-1 and found this…

What is this / where did it come from?

The ape tape has been seen round here. It looks like a tape loop or slap back echo thing. I haven’t seen the chip thing-what’s that one do?

LPC might very well be a linear predictive coding effect. It’s very interesting, I’ve used it in MaxMSP. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it sounds like a vocoder/autotune, but without requiring a carrier signal. I believe the robot voice in “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys was made with an LPC, or at least it sounds very close to it. Besides the classic vocoder timbre, the amazing thing about it is the “legato” effect. I remember using it on a Missy Elliott a cappella haha

Piotr: I found it on instagram and it was posted on Jan 23rd.

Is this real or am I dreaming???
I really hope this actually happening…
Were they post this year?
And by wh?
Man an update with these would be amazing :slight_smile:

Those are old. svg files embedded in the OS. See this thread


the apetape.svg and lpc.svg files have been sitting in the firmware since 2012, they appear abandoned and just haven’t been cleaned up…

That’s a pity… Had a feeling.
Would be great if they brought them back.
I wonder how long till they drop the new OS?

Judging by the params, ape tape would be really sweet. I wonder why they didn’t go with it. I would kill for an LPC effect. It looks like they had some interesting parameters in mind, maybe different (non-LPC) modes?

I’m glad they kept the old images in, but I guess they’re only a few kb and the svgs only total about 1.5mb. Pretty much everything interesting has been posted, except maybe the radio tuner:

Gotta say I like this.

Oh that’s cool for the tuner!
I had another idea for the update,
How about different scales and chord selection,
Assigning different scales or chords to the keys?
Or an option in the pattern sequencer to choose chords.
Could be great and a work flow enhancer!

WAT?? :smiley:

How the … do you “unpack” the firmware? I tried to binwalk it abou a year ago and I remember getting just a bunch of useless zlib files :confused:

I think there was talk that there is not much room left to add new stuff, personally I could live without punch and grid in the fx and phase in the synths to make room for something more useful :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind removing a few fx to make room for more synths and/or fx!
I don’t really find grid or the telephone overly useful. Personally I never use grid…

Would be cool if TE would package there synth engines and fx as “apps” with a utility program to compile your own OS, just choose your synths and your fx and have a custom os!
But I can also imagine that this would create bug issues much harder to resolve.

I like those… especially phase and punch.

There are probably a few things a determined person could do to free up space. I know you can shave hundreds of kb off sqlite if you cut down the library to essentials and/or compile with -Os, which shouldn’t make a huge perf impact ( https://www.sqlite.org/footprint.html ) if they haven’t done that already.

There’s also the helicopter in the room… choplifter seems to use box2d. Maybe tombola is using that too? Not sure how much it takes up, but I’d wager at least 75kb for box2d (it’s ~300kb as x86_64 shared lib.)

I would rather have that allocated to synth/fx if it came down to it, but it would be a real shame to lose that bit of character. Maybe an alternate boot-to-choplifter binary selectable from the boot loader? Plugins could work, but if anyone could write them I would expect to see a lot of bricked OP-1s.

id give up phone and grid before choplifter. also please dont take away phone and grid… lol ive become used to there abilities while limited they are occasionally useful.

edit- i really like phone you can get it to do some very interesting stuff. vocoder. carrier signal. synth tones.

One upon a time I was demoing OP-1 to a colleague. I was talking about it having 9 synth engines, two samplers, several programmable sequencers, many effects and even tools for master recording. After absorbing all that info, looking at vector graphics screen, and having his mind blown by the formfactor and battery life info, he asked in jest: “so, can you play any games on it?”.

Being able to answer “Well, actually, yes” was absolutely worth those kilobytes of memory occupied by Choplifter.

I would trade Choplifter by Tempest !

Love that story! :slight_smile:

I never, not once, opened the choplifter.
Have zero interest in it.
Think it’s a waste of precious space.

That’s what I think!

WAT?? :D

How the ... do you "unpack" the firmware? I tried to binwalk it abou a year ago and I remember getting just a bunch of useless zlib files :/

Been a couple of years since I did this, but from memory you need to chop off the first 4 bytes (checksum) and you end up with a tar file you can unpack…