OP-1 Velocity Issue

My OP-1 on Firmware Version 242 is not responding to MIDI velocity properly from Logic, Max 7, or my MIDI keyboards (forwarded via USB thru my MacBook Pro).

If I send it a sequence of notes with different MIDI velocities, it gets hung up on the first few velocities and then loops through those endlessly.

For instance, if I send the OP-1 a note with a velocity of 100 and then a note with a velocity of 50, the OP-1 will continue to cycle through those velocities – 100, 50, 100, 50, 100, 50 - even if all future notes are associated with a totally different velocity like 10. It then eventually finds a new loop of velocities to get hung up on seemingly at random, and never really plays the correct velocity for a note except for the first few notes of a phrase after bing reconnected or powered on.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

this seems to be an issue related to note stealing. when the new notes replace a playing note it seems like only the new pitch are applied, not the new velocity. if you have very short release so that note stealing doesn’t happen you shouldn’t see this, right?

Yes, I do seem to have more success with very short release times. Thank you for helping find the culprit. I have reached out to TE and I will report back. Thanks again!

I am happy to say that this was fixed in today’s update! Thanks TE!

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