Op-1 w/ MKP2s experience? GAS help

Long time lurker, first time poster; I’ve had my Op-1 for about a year now… what a strange little beast of a machine. Glad to be here.

I’ve spent some good time getting to know it’s ins and outs, where it shines, where it’s limited.
I feel I’ve reached a point where my song ideas have somewhat out grown the sonic limitations of the OP-1 in certain aspects.

I find the sequencers especially lacking in that you can only write 8th, 16th, and 32nd notes in Endless.

Spring, you either love it or hate it. It has it’s purpose but at the cost of fidelity.

So I’m looking for input on what I should pair with the OP-1 that will aid in some of its pitfalls.

I know this topic has been discussed but I haven’t seen any input on the MKP2s.
It caught my eye when I saw Baths using it live a few years back.
Anyone have any input on how it behaves with the OP-1?
Is it worth buying in 2020?
I am weary of multi-effect processors at relatively cheap prices.
I also want more freedom in sequencing/drums. Would a drum machine/sequencer be logical next step for someone starting from scratch? Keystep maybe?
What is your favorite reverb hardware?

Appreciate all input :slight_smile:

i’d skip a drum machine – limited sounds and basic midi, and you already have a sampling drum machine with the op1.

would using a DAW with OP1 give you the more sequencing freedom you want? and you can record op1 audio into daw and add the effects there. i presume DAW effects would be equal of better than a koas pad.

how would use an external effects on the op1? send signal out of op1 and then back in to record to the tape? that process sounds cumbersone. you can’t monitor the signal, right?

as for fav effects/reverbs…i have an ensoniq asr10 sampler that has the famed ensoniq DP effects in it. it just makes everything sound better.

Appreciate the insight squiddly.
Although I use a daw for final mixing & mastering, it’s only the free version of Reason. My laptop is ancient, and struggles to handle the mixing. Worst part is the effect automation lanes drop out randomly, trigger late, etc. The end result is a well mixed track but with wacky effects.

As for external effects, I had an idea to run the op-1 through a pedal board then into a 8-track mixer/16-bit recorder (dp-02). If I dedicated the entire 6 minutes of tape to one song, i could minimize loops mix and bounce to my hearts desire.

I will definitely check out the asr10. I need to suss out whether to go all-in-one or module based in terms of effects. :v:

Pricier than a Mini Kaoss, but an iPad/iPhone is the dominant toolkit in my opinion. I would prefer to have the perfect piece of hardware/pedal rather than a touchscreen with apps, but nothing compares in terms of the sonic flexibility of an iPad. Eventide Ipad effects sound the same to me as the full DAW ones, but they cost like $5-$20 instead of $200, and then there is all the other crazy stuff like Fugue Machine, Samplr, Borderlands, etc. The only thing better is a full DAW on a laptop.