OP-1 Wiki?

That tips and tricks thread is getting larger and larger. Maybe it’s a good idea to convert some of those posts and ideas into Wiki format for better accessibility. I started this one yesterday:


The only page so far:


(Just to give you a sample of how it would look.)

Not sure it’s the best place. We could use GitHub or GitLab, but I feel Wikia is better for non-technical people.

Isn’t there already a wiki?
I always forget the exact name and adress…

That’s really cool… I never heard of wiki

@mixrasta said:
Isn’t there already a wiki?
I always forget the exact name and adress…

If there is one, I’ve never seen it and couldn’t find it.

I think it’s a great idea!

I know that @darenager or someone else wrote quite complex studies about some of the engines over there.

Check http://op-101.blogspot.com/2011/09/hello-op-101.html?m=0

Added a few more pages.

Did I really create that thing in September? Feels like only a couple month ago. Need to pick up my pace in creating articles.

OP-101 blog is entirely different from what I’m aiming for. I want to document practical OP-1 functionality that some users might not even discover, unless they use it as their primary synth for years. Maybe not even then: writing the Wiki page on DNA engine was the first time I figured out the general principle of how it works. I am still pretty fuzzy on all the tape/tempo tricks.

It’s fun to explore, but it might be a good idea to draw a map while doing it.

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