OP-1 will not power on?

So I have had my OP-1 for about 2 years, and just recently it will sometimes not turn on if its close to low battery according to the LED meter. The first time this has happened it would not turn on or charge when i plugged it into my computer. But after some time when i would check and turn it on, it would power on and give me a chance to plug it in and charge it. It has again not turned on tonight, but I am sure the battery was low, but it wont even let me charge it. Does anyone else have this problem/ have any advice as to how i can charge it even though it is turned off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The OP-1 will charge when turned off. Mine does this occasionally, too, and really the only thing that works is just waiting with it plugged in.

I’m having the exact same problem. My OP-1 will not turn on nor will it charge (button on or off). I’ve tried charging it with my computer and with my wall adapter. I had this issue last month but it started charging again when I plugged it into the wall. Now it doesn’t charge at all.

I’ve had it for maybe 6 years and couldn’t control the heat of the room it was in, the last two years, so perhaps it needs a new battery?


Even if the LED’s aren’t flashing when it is off and plugged in, is it still charging? It has since turned back on and i was able to give it a full charge. I’ve just almost had 2 heart attacks thinking that my OP1 is dead for good.

@flexbusterman yes, just be patient, let it drink a whole night, and it will be back.

Thanks for the input guys. I figured that was the case, but I was just curious to see how many other people have had this scare. I dont know what I would do if i woke up and found my OP1 bricked.

Same problem here. It is now connected to the wall but no leds showing.
It was full charged last time I switched it off, it has been off for two months.

Another problem with switch off was related to the memory being full utilized. It would switch on but hang on anything without let you change any parameter, just hang forever. Hard reset was the only way to fix it.

I hope the devs increase the headroom of the OS and give it a little extra VM. My fears is that the OS in such instable state would go in idle state and prevent a true switch off thus preventing charging correctly. That is my only thought for the leds not showing up.

To test the battery itself it would be useful a little tutorial on how to do that without damaging the unit.

I hate usb for charging more than anything. A hack for separate the charging pins is probably the only solution. Bypass the battery completely and have an extra power hole drilled.