Op-1 Wireless Power/battery issue

Hi all,

I received a second hand OP-1 I picked up from eBay yesterday and I can’t get it to turn on without the USB cable powering the device.

I’ve looked through previous posts on the forum and tried a firmware update, factory reset and charging overnight just to check it wasn’t a problem with the battery indicator, but as soon as I remove the USB cable the screen goes black.

Is there anything else I can try before I contact the seller/ebay to return it for a refund?

Thanks in advance for your help

If you tried charging it overnight then it seems that the battery is not holding a charge, contact the seller to see what can be done.

yep, totally sounds like a dead lipo battery… If the unit wasn’t starting when you got the unit, the deal sounds a bit Fishy… : / Wish you Good luck returning the unit!. x

Could also be the I/O Board. I had a lot of power/charging weirdness that got fixed with a new board.

Regardless, not something you can fix without paying $ which you obviously shouldn’t be…

Has anybody successfully replaced their battery themselves yet? I wish I was an OP-1 mechanic.