OP-1 with +75% battery just turned itself off....?

Hey everybody! First post.

So after many years of yearning I finally bought an OP-1 second hand and am loving it, however, worryingly, it just completely died on me. Literally minutes before I had checked the battery and every light except the top one was illuminated, so I assumed it had loads of life left… However it just totally powered down with a loud ‘pop’ and wouldn’t turn back on again.

I’ve now connected it to USB power and it seems to be charging, but I’m just slightly worried that it might not have been displaying its charge level accurately…!

Is this a known fault? What are Teenage Engineering’s warranty policies like? Do you think they’d fix it for free if it had a serious problem? I don’t want this to happen in the middle of a gig…

I would first consider recalibrating the battery to see if that resolves it.


Woo! for getting an OP-1!

Ok cool, thanks! Will give that a try. It wouldn’t turn on and is now charging so I can only hope it was (somehow, despite the VU indicator) totally drained and now I’m totally charging it…