OP-1 with Ableton Push


I have my OP-1 connected to Live via an iConnectMidi interface. I’m looking to program the Endless Sequencer with Push (so I can benefit from Push’s note / scale mode) but when I press shift on the OP-1 (in Endless) and start pressing pads I can only seem to play the OP-1 not program steps.

Anyone know if programming the Endless via external Midi is possible?

Thanks :-))

from my experience a couple years ago, programming the sequencers via midi is not possible.

Ach. Thanks for the reply - good to know before I start re-wiring wondering if it’s my set up :slight_smile:

anytime! was bummed out myself.

I think if you enter the endless data on the OP-1 keyboard, you can play the sequence with Push. You cannot, enter notes into the endless sequencer with Push, Midi want to play the sequence not input notes. FTR, made this EP with an OP-1 midi’d up to Push/Ableton with and Oplab. All Samples and Synths come from the OP-1 Sequenced in Live, then tracked in Live.


Damn, that really sucks!
Programming the endless or any sequencer via external midi would be such a great feature, really hope they implement it!!!