Op-1 with cubase Pro 8?

Hi all,
Just recently picked up an OP-1 and am loving it, just having a bit of trouble when trying to hook it up to cubase…
Is it even possible to play the op synth sounds from cubase, I want to use it as an external synth in the studio and a portable beat machine when I’m on the road…
I hooked it up and it was working to trigger vst instruments in cubase but then glitches and stopped working but I cannot suss out how to sequence the sound from the op from cubase? Any help is much appreciated as I am a new (ish) dad and my brain does not work as well as it used to… Haha cheers

I’ve set it up as follows:
Op-1 shift and com button set to op1 and ctrl
Set midi channels to match cubase

I cannot get it to work as a controller or as an external synth

Perhaps there is a problem on the cubase side of things as ableton users seem to plug and play

Is anyone running cubase and op1?

Thanks again

Sorry, no idea on Cubase, mainly work without a computer. But I do recognise the new dad mind melt scenario! Good luck!

Haha thanks for your reply man, I think it’s a problem on cubase more than the OP, I got it to work by going to transport and project sync options then ticking the midi out option but it still only works when it wants and get inactive midi outs in cubase …
I like working on it as a standalone mostly but want to get some of those quirky synth sounds midi’ up with cubase, I know I can record it in but want midi option… Haha

In Ableton Live you have to select the OP-1 as a midi device in the settings and then you can send midi data directly to it.

Maybe you have to setup it also as midi device first in Cubase?

Thanks for your reply devandart

It seems to work when it wants but need to have a good go at it, have not had a chance lately, when I do get any more info I will post it up. Cheers