OP-1 with DJ-808

Just wondering if anybody knows a way to make this work.

Recently got the Roland DJ-808 which has a midi din in and 2 usb host ports (Aira).

Was wondering if anybody knows a way I can set either the OP-1 or the DJ-808 as host and have them sync to each other?

I tried plugging a usb from the OP-1 to the DJ-808 host port but can’t seem to make anything happen.

Failing that I do have a laptop running Serato, maybe I can get that to make them sync?

Thanks in advance people :slight_smile:

i wanna say that the usb host on the aira stuff only works w/ other aira gear.

so u’d have to prolly get another host box and use the midi din or use your laptop and sync them together thru that.