OP-1 with iPad and MIDI Keyboard

I am thinking about buying an iPad and was wondering if it is possible to connect the iPad with maybe the new Novation Hub and plug the OP-1 and my Novation Impulse as well.
Will I be able to play the OP-1 and some iPad synths with my Impulse?
I know the Hub is not available yet but maybe someone can say if this (or a similar setup) will work.

depends on how the Hub lets you route MIDI. It looks like those USB ports are part of a hub, though, so it might not be anything like, for example, the iConnectMIDI stuff.

Not impressed by the phono/RCA inputs, either.

Yeah me too. But it would be nice not to carry the hughe iConnect4+ and an additional interface around to use the OP-1 and an iPad for live…

there were a few OG iconnectmidi on ebay recently

Do you know if the OP-1 is class compliant?

The Focusrite Support said that it will be possible if the OP-1 is class compliant…

If you want to go the dock route- I keep babbling about it on here. I’m able to add additional USB controllers and 5 din midi i/o with the original iconnect midi. This way you can record midi notes from Op-1

The problem is that I would like to use an audio interface for the iPad and with the iConnect I have to use two devices.

My plan is to use the hub as audio interface for the iPad and connect my MIDI keyboard and the OP-1 as well for playing the OP-1 and the iPad with the keyboard.
Any idea if the OP-1 is class compliant?