OP-1 with Logic

I’m trying to connect my op-1 to Logic using an audio interface(Apogee duet) to record the synth directly in Logic.

I’ve connected the output of the op-1 to the input of the duet which is connected my computer via firewire. However, I’m unable to record the synth in Logic, I’ve tried creating an audio track, bass/guitar track and an external midi track. The only time i get a signal in logic is with the external midi track but I’ve never used this before and only see a signal without without being able to hear any of the sounds from the op-1

This should be easy, you’re probably just missing something really simple. What cable are you using to connect the op1 to the apogee ?

Op-1 (Out) -> Line Level -> (IN) Audio Interface

All you have to do is create an Audio Track inside Logic and select the corresponding input on the channel strip that matches the input that you connected your cables and press the input monitoring button. From there check that your op1 volume is up and your pre-amp gain is also up.
  • “external instrument track” - has that nifty plugin on it


    - midi instrument track + aux track from external input / audio track

    you could maybe do a track stack too.

    look for the input monitoring button. if you can’t see one, configure the track header to show it. it’s only on audio tracks.

What is the best way to connect op-1 to a DAW like Logic ? With Y-cable 1x3,5mm jack and 2x 6,3mm jack to preamps without phantom power ? Can you use D.I box which is running with phantom power? Or the phantom go also to the OP-1 and harm the device?

What is the best way to connect op-1 to a DAW like Logic ? With Y-cable 1x3,5mm jack and 2x 6,3mm jack to preamps without phantom power ? Can you use D.I box which is running with phantom power? Or the phantom go also to the OP-1 and harm the device?

@supboi, computer -> op1 usb (midi), op1 audio out -> interface audio in. if you wish to sample on the op1, then you’d also have interface channel -> op1 audio in. Y cable minijack to 2x1/4" works (I use one), I don’t think phantom power is supplied on the 1/4" jacks, but turn it off anyway. Turn off USB charging on the OP1 to solve USB ground loop issue. There’s a Behringer USB isolator box that solves other/further problems with noise (I haven’t used it). Maybe set the OP1 to listen to midi in sync.

connected my op-1 to logic the other day for the first time through my berhinger mixer, into a Zoom R8 USB interface and was able to record right off the bat, no issues, sounded great! I was a little disappointed since for some reason pre-purchase, I thought it had audio over USB abilities. It doesn’t appear to. :frowning:

I’m getting my presonus 16.0.2 this week and look forward to recording through it. I hope you get it figured out.

So the interface I’m using is the apogee duet, which comes with 2 1/4" inputs, that i plug into the out line of the op-1, but can’t seem to find any signal going through still. I’ve tried an audio track and selected input monitoring and input 1-2, however, I’m still unable to record or even hear the synth.

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the Apogee Duet interface. My Zoom R8 has two combi XLR/1/4" inputs, gain controls for each (line or low Z switches) and two outputs for monitors. It just seems to work. I use an “insert” cable (1/8" TRS to Left and Right 1/4" TS plugs) to connect the OP-1 audio. I’ve tried it with the USB plugged in and not, with the USB charging on and off. Still seems to work.

I would, as others have suggested, recheck your Apogee interface drivers, and make sure the two 1/4" female plugs coming from the apogee aren’t for your monitors, it looks to me from the pics I saw that it has two Combi XLR/1/4" plugs on the dongle for input.

Hope that helps!

I’m sure you’ve checked, but did you accidentally bump the mute “button” on the Duet? First time I used one my hand barely grazed the top of the Duet and muted it. Since it’s not a physical button, I didn’t know it existed! Took me ten minutes to figure out wtf was going on!

The Duet has some software that you have to run to enable and select inputs/outputs. Be sure that you have 1/4ths selected in that application.

Make sure Logic’s inputs/outputs are set to the Duet in the audio preferences, then check the Apogee Control Panel (I’m at work so don’t know the exact name - it’s under the Options menu in Logic), set both inputs to the Instrument Input (or whatever it’s called - not the XLR inputs) and select Group Inputs so both channel’s gain levels are matched.

Then create a new stereo audio track… inputs 1 and 2 are automatically selected for me when I do this but make sure to check this, then hit the Input Monitor or Record track button and you should hear the audio coming from the OP-1. Adjust your input levels from the jog wheel or from the Apogee Control Panel.

I use Logic 9 but I think this should be similar if you’re using X.

@laughinganimal thank you, I changed it to instrument from xlr in the control panel, and did the grouping. However, after creating an audio track and selecting inputs 1-2 on it as well as input monitoring/record ready, I’m still unable to hear the op-1. I’ve connecting the line out of the op-1 to the 1/4" input-1(with the guitar symbol) on the duet.

Could be an oversight, but did you arm the track for recording, by click in the red R button on the track?

Never mind, reopening the project solved all problems. Expect for some static, any tips on minimizing that?