OP-1 with other gear


I really like the op-1. At the moment I am just not sure how to carry on with my setup. I started two years ago with ableton and push. In December I got a Bass Station 2 and the op-1, which i really enjoy. Also like to integrate Apps like Korg Gadget and patterning on my iPad. What I miss: a basic control Station for everything. So far I dont feel very comfortable with Push to jam around, dont know why, even its possible to control parts of the synths. Sometimes I feel a bit lost as soon as i start integrating the DAW and get totally out of the creativity flow.

So I am searching for a cool workaround with op-1, bs2 and ipad. All should be synced, easy to control and recordable. What do you think? Do i need maybe something like a groovebox and a mixer? Read lots about elektron stuff and the electribe sampler. So far everything is slaved to ableton,but like i wrote, a more independent solution of a DAW could be better for way for me.

May you had similar cases with your stuff. Thanks for your answer…

I use quite a lot of different setups. My favourite at the moment is OP1, Novation Circuit and iPad. Novation is master clock and I use it to record sequences onto the OP1 using iOS and OP1 synths and then tweak the Circuit synths on the fly. Lots of fun. I use it just using a Belkin Rockstar to be mobile but a mixer would give you more options.

Yeah, the circuit seemed to be a nice and easy to use instrument like the op-1. can you tell me, how do you sync the op-1 with the circuit and your iOS device?

I hook up my iPad to a USB hub via the camera connection kit. I then connect my op1 and Circuit to the USB hub.

You have a wealth of options inside the iPad but the simplest is just basic sync. I send the clock from the Circuit to the op1 using an app called Midiflow. You just need to merge the audio signals somehow (I typically just use a Belkin Rockstar but you could use the line in on the op1 or a proper mixer).

Ah, thanks ghostly606. That really helps me. Will try this