OP-1 with real multitracking

Hey dear people,

Yesterday I dreamed about op1 being a real multitrack recorder, capable of recording track 1-4 at the same time. In addition to that, there could add a kind of usb-interface-cable thing with a 4 in/out 3,5 jack bunch (or a tiny in/out interface box that you clamp on the ride hand side of OP.)
This would make OP1 the definitive tapemachine, DAW and Recording-studio in one unit. You could record your other gear in sync on separate tracks, or record with other people together - all into OP1.

Maybe it would need too much processing for OP1 to handle in realtime. Maybe on the field?

Not that I think it was something that the op1 lacks. I love him for what he is already:)

What do you guys think about it? Would you think this could be a usefull extension?



I assume this is coming if you have a TX-6 hooked up to it. Someday.


That would be great. Is the Tx6 also compatible with the og. op1?

In general, multitracking would also be cool for effect send/returns, recording separate from a dry signal. But maybe that would break the intend of OP1 to make decisions upfront.