op-1 wont turn on ... leds flash

I was in the sound menu eith the low mid high and turned around the knobs until the bars were not miving and more.
then i was in the normal keyboard mode and the knobs did not do andthing anymore.
so i wanted to turn off and on the unit.
but its not turning on and more.
the screen is black and the charching lights are lighting up one after the other from bottom to top.
i tryed pluging it to the charger and turn it off and on again but it stays that way.

any help?

Can you access the TE BOOT menu (Hold COM while switching on)?

Thanks for the reply. No I already tryed that. It does not really turn off. No matter in what position the on/off switch is the leds always light up from bottom to top one after the other snd the screen stays dark.

How long did you let it charge? If the battery is drained, it takes some time until you see any lifesigns (battery charging LED animation). Let it charge at least a few hours, using a dedicated USB charger (PC USB port may not suffice).

After battery drained I can turn it on again. I did a full reset, but the charging lights are broken …

The flash sometimes. but not when op is turned off.

Try recalibrating the battery. The next time the OP-1 goes dark because the battery is empty, don’t switch it off, but charge it for about 6 hours with the power switch set to ON. Then the battery meter should work correctly again.

ah ok, perfect! i ll try

I think that the actual issue is: the battery drains over night. what can be wrong?

How old is the unit? Could be a dead battery.

about 3 years, i never really used it

@nio Do you know for how long you didn’t use your OP-1? It is possible for the LiPo cell to get damaged internally due to self-discharge below 3 Volts. After it drops below that for an amount of time the cell gets permanently damaged due to formation of Li2O. This increases the cell’s internal resistance, making it harder for the cell to hold a charge. The energy you put into it will mostly be converted into heat (OP-1 has a low charging current, so you won’t really notice this). If your unit drains over night that would be a good indication the cell needs replacement.

It’s probably best you contact TE directly to check with them.

iFixit has a repair guide:
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

However the don’t seem to sell the LiPo cell needed. :frowning:

Ok, I dis more testing and the battery is down to 50% after one night. I remember it used to stay always fully charged. So i ll contact te about battery replacement.

Ok, here again:

  • I fully charge the op-1
  • i turn it off
  • leds on the right flash on one after the others (is that actually normal? i really cant remember that)
  • all leds turn off
  • about 24h later the battery is empty

so my guess is the unit is not really turning off.
i already did a reset and a few 0-100% charges

i guess i lö send it to te

Is „charging when switched on“ enabled (press SHIFT + COM, then T4 die OPT screen, dial blue encoder clockwise until green lightning appears in the blue circle)? I wonder why you switch off and the LED charging animation is running. Was there still a USB connection?

the charging animation is only running once when turning the unit off and usb disconnected

the animation is not running when actually charging the unit

Normal behaviour would be: unit is off, and charger gets connected: LED animation starts (IIRC: when battery is full, all LEDs will light up from bottom to top).

The USB connection to a computer works?

for example disk mode works.

the animation only starts once when turning the unit off

when connecting to macbook and turning unit off i get the charge animation