OP-1 wont work right after update

Hey guys, i just bought my OP-1 less then 30 days ago and when i went to update to latest firmware, it completely shit the bed. I restarted the OP-1 like prompted (i pressed COM and nothing happened. I didnt disconnect the usb cord) and when it came back on it had a white screen. I freaked out after about 5 seconds and turned it off but it stayed white for another 5 seconds in the off position. I turned it back on and it was white again. then black. I started tapping the keys and it made noise!

So its making noise, but the screen is dust (or so i though!) i decided to press COM and reboot the system. To my surprise, it acted completely normal. I reinstall the latest OS and wash, rinse, repeat. I feel like im going crazy doing the same thing looking for different results but there was one time it turned completely RED! with text in the background still and a black boxed outline. (it was depressing :frowning: )

Has anyone had this happen before? ive looked around and around until i stumbled on your amazing forum here. i apologize if this is totally noob stuff but im only 28 days into ownership.

Try Factory Reset from BOOT menu (hold COM while powering on). Sadly you’ll lose any user data. Always backup before update.

Already did that :frowning: