Op-1 workflow

Hi everyone,

I decided it’s time to get something new in the studio and I’m really interested in the Op-1. I know everyone here loves it by the threads I’ve been reading and I’m familiar with some of the issues that I might encounter. I already have the manual from this forum and I will delve into it after cooking my dinner so I can multitask while eating.

Meanwhile, I would like to ask a few questions.

At the moment I’m DAW composer with some external synths that I’ve built (mainly MI/Sonic Potions) and some other stuff like the Maschine MK2. Usually I come up with something in maschine and finish it in Logic. When I’m making my tracks I rely on maschine to pitch shift stuff because I really like the sound of it. I’m wondering if changing the pitch of stuff on the Op-1 will sound as good? My maschine pitch encoder reached the end of it’s days and is jumping all over the place.

I want something to aid me in that department and I also find the maschine cumbersome for daw composition, I get much more out of it when I’m performing than using it for production.

How much digital noise will be present if I transfer files back and forth between the computer and the Op-1 through USB ? Is this fast ?

I will also use the output to play it as an instrument without the USB cable, will noise also be present in this situation ?

If I connect, for example, the input of my iPad to the Op-1 to sample something, will there also be any uncomfortable noise ?

At the moment I don’t use my iPad in the studio because I have no easy way to route the output back into logic. I can see myself exporting stuff to dropbox, mangling it on the iPad, output it to Op-1 to destroy it even more and transfer it back to logic. Am I complicating ?

Finally, I travel a lot and I always miss something hands on besides the iPad to satisfy my musical needs. I know the two will be a great match but is there any application for iOS that will allow me to save and recall kits on the Op-1 ? I’ve read that it can only have a few sounds in it and I will need to change them to make different songs(if I use it as a sketchpad).

Edit: I almost forgot, I see that an OP-Z with some interesting functionalities will be released in the future. In your opinion, is this something that will outshine the Op-1 or a totally different beast that will go alongside it ?

Thanks everyone

Now that I think about it, for nearly the same price I might benefit more from an Octatrack. I won’t be able to travel with it but in the studio it will be able to sequence my external gear (which I simply play on the keyboard or sequence in piano roll atm) and then use it for live.

What do you guys think ?

OT is probably the last thing I’d sell if I had to get rid of everything. But I use Op1 more often. Simply down to hectic family life etc. You’ll (probably) be blown away by either of them. They’re both super creative/quick/weird/unique machines. OT is a lot more serious in terms of memory/projects etc and overall features. Op-1 is more instant/streamlined. And obviously fully portable if that’s important to you. Hard to recommend one over the other but probably OT by a whisker unless your daily life situation will make OP-1s portability a deciding factor.

Don’t forget you have to learn for one year to get the Octatrack diploma ; ) With the OP-1 you can start right now!

There is software for iPad/Mac that turns your iPad into an audio interface. Just plug it in with normal lightning cable and it will show up in Logic. True story.

Edit: studiomux/midimux.

The octatrack does not require a year to learn, but it just requires a different mindset when learning it. Dont ask “why doesnt it work like other samplers” or “i could easily do this within my daw” etc and try to wrap your head around one function a day.

It took me two weeks to learn the basics and within a month i am using it as the centrepiece of everything and doing stuff like the transition trick, which i thought i would never use as it looked so complicated before i bought it.

For what its worth, it took me two weeks to learn the basics of ableton when everyone says it would take a day or two, so i aint no tech whiz either.

Would highly recommend one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input guys. I’m finding it really difficult to pick up one so far.

Juniorengineer thank you for the Studiomux tip, I’ve downloaded it and will try it right now, looks really promising.

Knightsaber, what would you consider more powerful for sequencing hardware synths, the piano roll in any daw or the octatrack ?

Try some contact cleaner on that Maschine encoder if it’s still giving you problems.

There is software for iPad/Mac that turns your iPad into an audio interface. Just plug it in with normal lightning cable and it will show up in Logic. True story.

Edit: studiomux/midimux.

Or you can just go into the macOS Audio MIDI Setup app and enable your iOS device as an interface. :wink: