OP-1 X Guitar

Hey there,

I’ve been experimenting lately with the op-1 in a guitar oriented setup. I tried all sort of thing and ended up plugging the op in the Send/return of my amp, using it as a looper/effect processor. Is there any risk of blowing the op in such setup? Typically, guitar amps fx loops are line level, right?

Reeally enjoying the possibilities of this setup, anybody else using the op as a looper/mangler for guitar?


I see no reason why the OP-1 would be damaged with the signal from an amp’s FX loop. Just make sure you don’t accidentally plug the speaker out into it :wink: If you were hammering the input harder than it can take, you’d know. It’d sound like absolute hell.

As for the loop itself, it really depends on the amp. There are two types in use that I can think of off the top of my head, though neither will hurt the OP-1.